When To Know You Need New Countertops

Kitchen or bathroom countertops that are worn out, shabby, or cracked typically need to be replaced. Another justification for updating countertops is moving, particularly if you want to raise the selling price.

It makes sense that most people put off replacing their granite countertops—or any other sort, for that matter—until their kitchen is in serious need. Here are five indicators that it’s time to replace your countertops as soon as possible, in case you’re still holding out hope.

It’s time to replace your cracked or worn marble, quartz, or black granite countertop if you’ve looked into repair options and it still can’t be done. Cracked countertops create a cleaning difficulty because it is challenging to eradicate bacteria. This could become a source of deadly bacteria and a severe health risk.


Gray Granite

The phrase “gray granite” could imply a rather uninteresting choice, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is arguably greater variety in color and figure in the gray granite countertop category than in any other.

Black Granite

Black granite has a long history of being valued for its dramatic and opulent finishing touches. Few kitchen counters can match its striking visual impact, ranging from densely colored and virtually solid slabs to those that resemble a starry night sky rendered in stone.

White Quartz

Though not a natural stone, the clean, traditional look of white quartz countertops makes them the most popular. They are primarily made of quartz, which gives them a dazzling reflected quality, but they also contain feldspars as natural inclusions.

Brown Granite

Most frequently, people, who wish to give their kitchen a natural look choose brown granite. In contrast to most other granite countertop selections, it has a warmth and depth of color that nevertheless conveys quality.


1. Ask your friends who installed similar countertops if they know the installer. Call the countertop specialist if the counters appear fantastic and the friend offers a positive reference.

2. After conducting interviews, select the top few contractors and ask them for written quotes. They might want to visit your house to see the job in person.

3. Examine the written estimates carefully, then clarify any unclear points. An estimate only becomes legally binding after you sign it and concur with it. Choose the contractor with the expertise and experience necessary to install your countertops well.

4. Sometimes, you’ll purchase countertops from the installation team. In that scenario, request references and give the people a call. They’ll probably also have a photo album that showcases their efforts, potentially online. Inquire about recommendations from the salespeople if you plan to get the countertops from a home improvement store.


Determine Your Budget For Installing Granite Countertops.

Granite countertop installation generally comes at a hefty price. Without a set spending limit, you can find yourself shelling out far more money than you intended or were able to. Your main goal should be figuring out how much you will spend on your granite countertop installation process to prevent paying far more than you could and should.


The scale of your project, the complexity of the design, and the type of stone will all affect how quickly a professional granite, marble, or other stone installation may be completed. The time it takes the installer to complete the installation will depend on the space’s complexity, including accessibility issues, unique design elements like a sink and cooktop cuts, and countertop removal and disassembly. You can always check visit https://pioneergraniteandquartz.com to get a clear picture of how long the project will take.

Choose A Granite Supplier

The greatest granite slab you can locate should be your goal; therefore, selecting a provider early should be a priority. As a result, you’ll be able to buy full slabs rather than prefabricated parts. This will spare you from starting the project from scratch, saving you money and time. Ensure the stone’s quality and the desired appearance, saving you a great deal of heartache.

Select A Granite Formula

After choosing a dealer, be sure to inquire about the slabs they have in stock. More importantly, you need to go to the showroom to make sure you select the proper slab with the appropriate pattern for the desired design.

Cross The Slate

One of the world’s most rigid materials, granite, makes it almost impossible to cut yourself. When cutting your granite slab at Granite Selection, we no longer use traditional diamond-tipped blades; instead, we use a precise cutting laser.

Existing Countertops Being Removed

The old countertops must be entirely removed before our team arrives at your house, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it. Ensure all the countertops, including any sinks or cooktops, are removed, so only the cabinets are visible.

Installing The Granite, Caulking, And Setting The Seams

Our installers will put the pieces of granite on the counters once it has been determined that the cabinets are within acceptable limits. The marble, granite, soapstone, or quartz pieces will be joined together at their seams using epoxy.

Epoxy comes in two varieties: clear and neutral color. We color and blend on-site to precisely match the color of your countertop; after the seams have dried, the extra epoxy will be delicately skimmed off with a razor blade to make the seam as smooth as possible. The granite will then be securely attached to the cabinet with specially made attachment blocks known as “Bondo blocks” created on-site.


One of the most satisfying improvements you can make to your house is the installation of a new granite kitchen countertop. However, doing it yourself necessitates a different type of dedication. To make sure everything works perfectly, you must commit time and money. Because of this, it’s crucial to plan and have things ready, so you can estimate how much it will cost to install granite countertops.

However, installing a granite countertop yourself frequently requires too much effort and risks harming the slab or other components of your kitchen. Hiring a kitchen counter installer is usually advised to ensure everything is safe and secure (https://www.mrhandyman.com/handyman-services/kitchen/countertop-installation-repair/granite-countertops/).

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