African American
  Historical & Cultural Museum
  of the San Joaquin Valley

The African-American

Historical & Cultural Museum

of the San Joaquin Valley 

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Kwanzaa 2017

AAHCM will be hosting an educational and celebratory program for Kwanzaa! We will have several guest speakers from the 26th of December to January 1st!

The speakers are as follows:

Tues Dec 26- Joseph Mannings: The Right Away Agent

Wed Dec 27-Maxie Parks: 1976 Olympian Gold Medalist

Thurs Dec 28- Ujimaa Academy & Pan African Student Union

Fri Dec 29- Julia Najieb: Board Chair of the African American Historical and Cultural Museum 

Sat Dec 30- Dr Reshale Thomas(Dr of Psychology) & Dr Regina Banks(Psychotherapist & Professor at Fresno Pacific University)

Sun Dec 31-Open Mic

Mon Jan 1- Minister Bobbie Parks-Gains of True African American Heritage Church of God

The 1st, 2nd & 7th day of Kwanzaa Mushana McCoy is hosting

3rd day of Kwanzaa Alysia Bonner is hosting

4th & 5th day Via Cooper is hosting

6th day Keeza McCoy is hosting