Here are Some 5 Exotic Travel Destinations Around the World

The world is filled with overwhelming beauty and places to visit. You will perhaps never see everywhere the world presents us with, but it’s worth having a crack! If your wildest dream is abundant sunlight, sparkling sand, and deep blue revitalizing waters, historical attractions that will leave you with profound admiration, and mellow accommodation at exquisite landmarks, get a move on! 

 Here are unimaginable places around the world worth adding to your vacation bucket list.

1) Egypt

 A vacation to Egypt gives you an out-of-the-world feeling. The country boasts of ancient and magnificent pyramids. Plus, the Great Sphinx at Gaza, the Pyramid of Khufu, places the land among the world’s seven wonders. Other striking spots to visit for some breathtaking pyramids are:

 • Meidun

 • Dashur

 • Saqqara 

 • Lisht 

 • Abu Rawash

 • Hawarra

 If you fancy museums, then Luxor is the place to be. The area hosts the largest open-air museum on the entire planet. For superb resorts and beaches, visit Alexandria. If you are a marine and coral reef fanatic, pack your bags to Sinai. 

2) Greece

 A vacation destination without mentioning Greece, impossible. Greece gives you will anything you have ever desired during a vacation. The delicious seafood, the elegant villages, the spectacular hot springs, and some of the finest beaches in the world are right here. The streets are very lively, lit with fireworks, incredible music, and unending celebrations.

 You will enjoy some breathtaking skying and amazing recreational sports in the range of mountains during winter. Either during winter or summertime, you are assured of the best holiday experience. 

3) The Maldives

 The Maldives is also known as an island of love. For a perfectly serene and quiet destination, this a to-go-to destination. Endowed with fantastic scenery and bewildering resorts, it is a worldwide tourist destination. The experience of staying at any resort is impressive.

 Better still, there are villas in the middle of the water to guarantee you all the privacy the world could offer. The warm and cozy sea is an excellent place to visit. The clear waters with extended visibility make it possible to adore the sight of millions of fish that beautifully swim in the water. 

4) New Zealand

 You have this great admiration for nature, then head to New Zealand. From the window of your room, you will be the first to see the beautiful sunrise. New Zealand has a duo of lad masses, the South and North Islands. NZ is notable for its outstanding flora and fauna. 

 If you are a lover of hip hop, rock, and roll, jazz, and blues music, NZ got you. There is a wide range of rivers, lakes, and ocean cruises to pick on. If you would love some relaxing massage, facials, and scrub, then there are numerous spas for that.

 For your casino, musical events, and theaters, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Once you step into New Zealand, don’t miss out on visiting the Fox and Franz glacier located on the South Island. 

5) Paris

 Before we get on touring this mighty French country, there are three notable places unless you visit, you haven’t been to Paris; The Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame de Paris, and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. After the three, head to the Left Bank Luxembourg and Tuileries Gardens. Why not consider the Louvre a notable world museum?

 For some mad fun and loosening up, Disneyland Paris would be a great deal. Once you omit the Moulin Rouge cabaret dance hall and the Le Lido, you would have missed the incredible French music. You shouldn’t let you forget that Paris is the most beautiful world destination for shopping, accommodation, and dining.

 I wish you happy vacationing as you exploit the unique world’s experiences.

YouTube Music: The Most Convenient Music Streaming Service

Does your family like to listen to a lot of music? Do you like to sit down together and show each other your diverse musical tastes? Download YouTube Music. With a similar setup to Spotify, YouTube Music is more extensive because it has a wider selection of all of your favorite mainstream hits plus more independent and undiscovered creative content that you can only find on YouTube.

 There are also tons of podcasts to choose from, no matter what subject you choose. With YouTube Music, you have the option to listen to entire albums or create a playlist based on a specific song or artist. You can receive the latest updates to all of your favorite musicians’ discographies.

 You can also receive suggested artists and songs based on what you have recently listened to. Not only can you listen to music, but you can also search and watch all of your favorite music videos! This includes theatrically produced music videos, alternate versions of them, and clips from concerts. 

 With YouTube Music, you can share your favorite songs with your friends and family by sending them a link to the song you are listening to, whether you are just discovering the song or have heard it a thousand times and just want to show them why you like the song.

 You can even search and enjoy entire concerts from your favorite performers, no matter how long ago they took place! This is part of the glory of YouTube in general. YouTube Music also provides automatic playlists for you, including liked videos, mixes of the music you listen to most, even all the newest music from all the latest artists for you to check out.

 The best thing about YouTube Music is that you can listen nonstop without limits. The only thing you have to deal with is ads. Unless, of course, you sign up for YouTube Premium. Don’t worry; it’s only $9.99 a month for a subscription! Or you could get the family plan starting at 12.99 a month. There are lots of perks to YouTube Music Premium. 

 1. You can listen to music uninterrupted and with your screen off. You can also use other apps on your phone while you listen.

 2. You can choose between videos or just the music! 

 3. You can download music to listen to while you are offline, including single songs, entire albums, and playlists. 

 4. With the YouTube Music family plan, you can have up to 6 family members listen to uninterrupted music with their screens off.

 Another great thing about YouTube Music is the fact that if you are an undiscovered artist, you can advertise your content and upload your music to the site so that more people can hear your creative talent, and you can get more support for your musical art because thousands of people listen to music every day, and many music lovers are eager to broaden their horizon!

 So whether you are streaming for yourself or a group of friends and family, YouTube Music is the best streaming service you can have. When you pay for YouTube Music Premium, the entire family can listen to uninterrupted music, whether you’re at home, in the car, or just out walking. So go ahead, download YouTube Music. You won’t be sorry!

Here Are Live Music Venues Everyone Should Visit

Whether you realize it or not, music is the soundtrack to your life. The music you choose is going to determine your mood and some life decisions because you respect the artist and what they have accomplished. This makes music even more important than you might think. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, then you need to see your favorite artist(s) at a live music venue. 

 Since you’re not the type of person to go at anything half speed, if you’re going to see your favorite artist, then you might as well go all-in and make it one of the best live music venues in the country. The shortlist of six venues below will lead you in the right direction. This list is primarily based on acoustics and atmosphere. 

Red Rock Amphitheatre 

 Red Rock is magical. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be explained through words. You have to be here to understand it. What’s really crazy is that you can feel this energy during the day when there’s no music. At that time, you will find people exercising on the stairs, reading a book, or kicking back and enjoying the scene. For the ones that are kicking back, it’s as though they’re enjoying a concert that isn’t taking place, but they can still feel it, see it, and hear it. 

 Maybe this has to with Red Rock being a natural venue. No other venue in the country gets closer to Mother Nature. To that point, Creation Rock and Ship Rock control acoustics. In fact, the acoustics are so good that U2, Incubus, Dave Matthews Band, and Neil Young all recorded music here. 

 Red Rock sits at an elevation of 6,450 feet and has a capacity of 9,450. Ironically, it opened in the 1940s but didn’t do well. Even The Beatles couldn’t sell it out in 1964–the only stop on a U.S. tour they didn’t sell out. And in 1971, a Jethro Tull concert led to a mini-riot over tickets, and Red Rock closed for five years. Red Rocks didn’t become what it is today until the 1980s, and U2’s 1983 performance had a lot to do with that.

Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

 Let’s just call it Jones Beach. This is an outdoor venue with a capacity of 15,000. Part of this venue’s appeal is the bay behind the stage and the ocean behind the seats. You can only see the ocean if your seats are high enough. And there is nothing wrong with the high seats because there is no bad seat in the house. Just dress warmly at night. Also, go early for good parking. Despite a decent-sized capacity, this venue has an intimate vibe. You might see acts like…

  • Stone Temple Pilots
  • Weezer
  • Alice Cooper
  • Lynryd Skynryd
  • Muse
  • The Cult

The Fillmore West

 You’re not likely to see your favorite artist here because this is where new performers get noticed. This was the case for Santana, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and many more. 

 The Fillmore West in San Francisco opened in the 1960s but closed in 1971. It didn’t reopen–with a bang–until 1994 when 4 Non-Blondes and The Smashing Pumpkins tore the roof off—figuratively speaking. 

Bowery Ballroom 

 The Bowery Ballroom was originally built in the Roaring 1920s, and it only has a capacity of 550. This makes it difficult to score tickets. But if you do, you’re going to enjoy the best sound system in NYC. The balcony views are also epic. Popular artists like to play here and do unique things on stage, but not many get to see it. If you have a chance, go for it.

First Avenue

 First Avenue is located on the corner of 1st Avenue and Downtown Minneapolis and has a capacity of 1,500. It was originally a bus station in the 1930s. In the 1970s, it turned into a nightclub. When it became a music venue, it only took one act to put it on the map forever, which was a 1981 performance by Prince. This is now a legendary live music venue. 

See Them All 

 Not many people have accomplished this feat, but if you really want to maximize your life experiences, visit all of the venues above. If you can do that, you have lived. In fact, if you can do that, you can die tomorrow. But don’t die tomorrow because you need to tell others about your experiences.

Here are Some of Our Favorite Baseball Players of All Time

Baseball is a sport enjoyed by people all over the world. The thrill of watching baseball is higher when certain players are in the game. This is because some players have a unique skill set that makes them popular among baseball fans. Some of these players include;

Ty Cobb.

 He is ranked as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His fame was due to his high batting average [.366]. In the early 1900s, he played for the Detroit Tigers and later for the Philadelphia Athletics.

 He also led the American League due to his amazing batting average. His 24-year career ended in 1928 when he retired from the game. In 1999 sporting news ranked him third on their list of 100 greatest baseball players.

Babe Ruth.

 His actual name was George Herman Ruth Jr. He started by playing for the Boston Red Sox, but his fame grew when he played for the New York Yankees. He gained a lot of fame when he reached 54 home runs when the previous record was 27.

 He later broke his record after he reached 59 home runs. He also set the record for the highest slugging percentage [.690]. Having set two world records, he is one of the best baseball players of all time.

Ted Williams. 

 His full name is Theodore Samuel Williams. He was referred to as a pure hitter due to his position as a left fielder. Like all other great baseball players, he had unique achievements that are unrivaled to this date. 

 For example, his percentage [.482] has not been broken. He also has the highest single-season batting average, which is another great accomplishment. He played for the Boston Red Sox and led them to the American League. 

 Most studies show that he would have achieved more had he not lent his services to the military, serving in the navy and marine corps. This had a great impact on his baseball career since he missed most of the seasons during the Korean War.

Barry Bonds.

 His full name was Barry Lamar Bonds. He is well-known for his record of 762 home runs. This earned him a place in the baseball hall of fame. He started by playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates and later went to play for the San Francisco Giants.

 His prowess in the game was remarkable. This was clear when he started getting intentional walks since the players feared him. However, some analysts dispute his achievements due to the steroid scandal that forced him to end his baseball career in 2007. Others argue that he was already a great player before the steroids since they would not affect his eye-hand coordination.

Hank Aaron

 Henry Louis Aaron was commonly known as ‘hammer.’ Before 2007, he held the highest home runs record [755]. After he ended his career in 1976, he had the second-most hits and major league history runs. 

 He also had a great batting average which earned him a place in the baseball hall of fame. He also received various awards like the golden glove, which is proof of his legendary power. Today, he is still celebrated globally as the greatest.

Why And How To Deactivate Your Instagram Account

Social media as a whole, not just Instagram, increases feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, so it is necessary to want to take a break from it. It is so addictive that you forget about your surrounding, and you won’t even realize how much time has gone by when you finish scrolling.

 You need to know that social media is not at all that bad. For instance, if you’re a business person, Instagram provides a great platform to advertise your business, reach a great number of target consumers, engage them, and in return, make huge sales.

 So, why would one want to deactivate their Instagram account? Several factors would compel one to do so, including;

 You Rarely Use It

 When you realize that you don’t really need it, you have been using other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so often, but you can’t recall the last time you logged into your Instagram account, then it’s time you deactivate it.

You Are Simply Deactivating Your Account, Not Deleting It

 Deactivating your account only means that you’re taking just some time off Instagram to maybe dwell on other things, but you’ll be back later. You get to keep all your information and pictures for when you return; it could be after a few days or years, but all of it would still be there.

 Your Level Of Anxiety And Depression Has Increased

 Imagine uploading your picture on Instagram, and you’re regularly checking to see if it has attracted as many people as you would wish for. What happens when you don’t get the number of likes you anticipated? You’ll start belittling yourself, that maybe you’re not beautiful enough, which in return increases depression.

 You Are So Much Addicted To Instagram

 Do you ever realize how much time goes by the moment you start scrolling through your phone? I mean, there is so much information and entertainment on Instagram to keep you glued to your phone all day long.

 When Instagram is the first thing you open the moment you wake up and the last to scroll before you sleep, know that you’re addicted to it. Instagram addiction can make you lose connection with the real world and the people around you; your better half, friends, and family members.

 You Want To Live A Private Life

 Most people record all their daily activities on social media, and not only that, you would see their milestones in life too. All this information, in most cases, has pictorial back-ups. This means that your life is open to everybody, even strangers.

 Here are the steps to follow if you want to disable your Instagram account

 • Open the Instagram app on your phone, then log into your account

 • From your profile menu, select edit profile

 • Scroll down the menu to see ‘temporarily disable my account’ writing. Click on it.

 • Select ‘why are you disabling your account?’ Choose a reason from the drop-down menu, then put in your password.

 • You can then select ‘temporarily disable my account’ to finish the process.

Before taking on the above steps, you need to evaluate yourself properly. Ask yourself this question, What values do you get from Instagram that you can’t live without? If it’s all worth it, then you must keep your Instagram account. But if life outside Instagram is more valuable, you can always click on the delete button.