Why And How To Deactivate Your Instagram Account

Social media as a whole, not just Instagram, increases feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, so it is necessary to want to take a break from it. It is so addictive that you forget about your surrounding, and you won’t even realize how much time has gone by when you finish scrolling.

 You need to know that social media is not at all that bad. For instance, if you’re a business person, Instagram provides a great platform to advertise your business, reach a great number of target consumers, engage them, and in return, make huge sales.

 So, why would one want to deactivate their Instagram account? Several factors would compel one to do so, including;

 You Rarely Use It

 When you realize that you don’t really need it, you have been using other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so often, but you can’t recall the last time you logged into your Instagram account, then it’s time you deactivate it.

You Are Simply Deactivating Your Account, Not Deleting It

 Deactivating your account only means that you’re taking just some time off Instagram to maybe dwell on other things, but you’ll be back later. You get to keep all your information and pictures for when you return; it could be after a few days or years, but all of it would still be there.

 Your Level Of Anxiety And Depression Has Increased

 Imagine uploading your picture on Instagram, and you’re regularly checking to see if it has attracted as many people as you would wish for. What happens when you don’t get the number of likes you anticipated? You’ll start belittling yourself, that maybe you’re not beautiful enough, which in return increases depression.

 You Are So Much Addicted To Instagram

 Do you ever realize how much time goes by the moment you start scrolling through your phone? I mean, there is so much information and entertainment on Instagram to keep you glued to your phone all day long.

 When Instagram is the first thing you open the moment you wake up and the last to scroll before you sleep, know that you’re addicted to it. Instagram addiction can make you lose connection with the real world and the people around you; your better half, friends, and family members.

 You Want To Live A Private Life

 Most people record all their daily activities on social media, and not only that, you would see their milestones in life too. All this information, in most cases, has pictorial back-ups. This means that your life is open to everybody, even strangers.

 Here are the steps to follow if you want to disable your Instagram account

 • Open the Instagram app on your phone, then log into your account

 • From your profile menu, select edit profile

 • Scroll down the menu to see ‘temporarily disable my account’ writing. Click on it.

 • Select ‘why are you disabling your account?’ Choose a reason from the drop-down menu, then put in your password.

 • You can then select ‘temporarily disable my account’ to finish the process.

Before taking on the above steps, you need to evaluate yourself properly. Ask yourself this question, What values do you get from Instagram that you can’t live without? If it’s all worth it, then you must keep your Instagram account. But if life outside Instagram is more valuable, you can always click on the delete button.