Here are Some of Our Favorite Baseball Players of All Time

Baseball is a sport enjoyed by people all over the world. The thrill of watching baseball is higher when certain players are in the game. This is because some players have a unique skill set that makes them popular among baseball fans. Some of these players include;

Ty Cobb.

 He is ranked as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His fame was due to his high batting average [.366]. In the early 1900s, he played for the Detroit Tigers and later for the Philadelphia Athletics.

 He also led the American League due to his amazing batting average. His 24-year career ended in 1928 when he retired from the game. In 1999 sporting news ranked him third on their list of 100 greatest baseball players.

Babe Ruth.

 His actual name was George Herman Ruth Jr. He started by playing for the Boston Red Sox, but his fame grew when he played for the New York Yankees. He gained a lot of fame when he reached 54 home runs when the previous record was 27.

 He later broke his record after he reached 59 home runs. He also set the record for the highest slugging percentage [.690]. Having set two world records, he is one of the best baseball players of all time.

Ted Williams. 

 His full name is Theodore Samuel Williams. He was referred to as a pure hitter due to his position as a left fielder. Like all other great baseball players, he had unique achievements that are unrivaled to this date. 

 For example, his percentage [.482] has not been broken. He also has the highest single-season batting average, which is another great accomplishment. He played for the Boston Red Sox and led them to the American League. 

 Most studies show that he would have achieved more had he not lent his services to the military, serving in the navy and marine corps. This had a great impact on his baseball career since he missed most of the seasons during the Korean War.

Barry Bonds.

 His full name was Barry Lamar Bonds. He is well-known for his record of 762 home runs. This earned him a place in the baseball hall of fame. He started by playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates and later went to play for the San Francisco Giants.

 His prowess in the game was remarkable. This was clear when he started getting intentional walks since the players feared him. However, some analysts dispute his achievements due to the steroid scandal that forced him to end his baseball career in 2007. Others argue that he was already a great player before the steroids since they would not affect his eye-hand coordination.

Hank Aaron

 Henry Louis Aaron was commonly known as ‘hammer.’ Before 2007, he held the highest home runs record [755]. After he ended his career in 1976, he had the second-most hits and major league history runs. 

 He also had a great batting average which earned him a place in the baseball hall of fame. He also received various awards like the golden glove, which is proof of his legendary power. Today, he is still celebrated globally as the greatest.